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"SEM", or "Search Engine Marketing", becomes more and more important for one reason: customers trust in the search engine result pages.

This means that marketing is possible even before your customer ever saw your website: the search engine result page (SERP) in itself is, to most, important information.

This you should use.

For there is no second chance to make a first impression.

Maxiplication will influence the following qualities of the SERPs:

  • Ranking / Position in the SERP
  • Number of (visible) competitors
  • The general gist of the search results in your neighbourhood (e.g.: "Warning" or "Rip-off" should not be visible directly above or under the link to your site
  • The abstract, which is generated automatically and which describes your website.

In brief, the first display window of your company that is actually seen by your customer is NOT your web site. But the result page in the search engine.

Maxiplication will improve the SERPs for you. The agency will help to get better abstracts and to improve the search engine´s "understanding" of your pages; and it will improve the overall impression of your site.





Poetry Slam Championship South West
Ravensburg / Weingarten 2013

maXiplication is managing the entire PR for the show 2013 as well as the advertising online.

15th anniversary

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